1. Redefine Westmoreland’s Online Image

Create a consistent voice and brand for the city that promotes positivity, sophistication, history, and community.

2. Bring the Community Closer Together Using the Power of Current Web Technologies

Spread positive information (news, events, community spotlights, and job opportunities) faster throughout the city. This will be accomplished through this website’s blog, the Westmoreland Update Newsletter, and the Westmoreland Message System (WMS).

3. Developing Assistance Programs for the Small Business Owners

Assist local small businesses grow their businesses online with courses on a variety of online marketing topics, such as brand development, website management, email marketing, social media marketing, and ecommerce.

4. Reinvest into the Development of Community Events

Promote events around the city and invest website proceeds into the development of more events that will draw us together, build and reinforce our citizen’s small town pride, and drive tourism.

How You Can Help

If You are a Local Business Owner
You can help by becoming a sponsor or buying ad placements throughout the website. If you are a business in Westmoreland, you will also show up at the top of all searches, and your business will be featured on the home page.

If You are Not a Business Owner
You can help by buying a “Top of the Ridge” Westmoreland, Tennessee T shirt.

To learn more about me and what skills I bring to our city, please head over to my personal website, shadowsmith.com.

If my plan for the city resonates with you and are interested in helping me, please drop me a line.