Tabibu Africa

Tabibu means "to heal" in Swahili.

Westmoreland Tennessee Tabibu Africa

Tabibu Africa is a non-profit 501(c)(3)organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and loving impoverished women and children of East Africa. They do this by providing clinics for basic health care, education regarding the truth about HIV/AIDS and other preventable diseases, training to improve self-confidence and self worth, small business training, and construction of schools and other needs.

Tabibu Africa accomplishes this mission through generous donations given worldwide. There are no paid members or employees within the organization. The Tabibu Africa board is maintained by professional volunteers who give their time, personal money, sweat and tears without any compensation.

Through one or more annual expeditions staffed by many volunteers, Tabibu Africa works to relieve the suffering and instability of East Africa’s poorest of the poor. 100% of all donations, monetary and supplies, go straight to East Africa wherever it is needed the most.
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